sabato 4 giugno 2011

Task 3: Poetic Building

In the third task we suppose to develop from the task 2 sculpture a functional building, using the functional program gives by Documenta Halle Competition. In my building i decide to work in a centripetal way, using the five object from previously array list as the properly function. The connection between this object is used to create a foyer to the center open space. This inner public space is on a lower level from the terrain. With this tree properties the building create a intimate space that however is related with the contest.

venerdì 3 giugno 2011

Task 2: Poetic sculpture

In the second task we have to transform the 2d structure of Task 1 into a 3- dimensional sculpture. To do that i've work with Luxology-modo. The interesting part was to understand the intrinsic law of the algorithm and transform into a 3-dimensional grid. In my case i've notice a central point from which everything starts. So i work creating a circular array of a Voronoi Algortihm, mirroring and unifying the two different part. Than i modify every single element of the circular array in order to create a object that is balance but symmetrical. 

Task 1: Poetic Structure

The topic is "Krachende Stille" that could be translate as "Crashing the Silent". The algorithm conceptual idea is to create a center, that could represents the individual's meditation, and every external disturbance cannot affect this condition. The Algorithm is created using Fisica processing's Library, it's means to create a world with physical proporties and object. In mine world there's not gravity but friction, and a preset object that is the center, that have nor mass neither acceleration, so it's stable. With array list I create the particles that have acceleration so is moving to the center. The particles bounce against the center and create the final image.